Wednesday, September 9, 2009

27th Birthday, Jewels, and Skynyrd

Jewels will be 11 weeks old tomorrow! We have been busy unpacking our new house and dealing with working life with a newborn. Man, it has been fun! Jewels has been so active during the day and sleeping through most of the night and I am so excited to get sleep in longer then 2hr intervals! Jewel's hair is getting more red everyday, we think her eye's may be turning brown but are still and blue/gray.

For my 27th Birthday Mom and Dad gave me tickets to Lynyrd Skynyrd, as a child they were one of my faves (if you know my background you would understand) and the concert was on my Birthday so they thought it would be fun and it was! There were some outrageous people, let me tell you! I think the people wactching was a big part of how much fun we had. Bry had to work so Nacole joined me, we have a tradition that we started several years ago, in the picture of the two of us you will see that I am wearing a tiara that says Happy Birthday, that is actually a very heavy metal and gliter accessory. We take turns wearing the tiara on our Birthdays and it was my turn!

OH, here are some pictures of the bows I had bought for Jewels, some are totally cute and some looked better off then on! Oh well, I had fun dressing her up though for some of them he got upset. The Halloween headband was the best, look at her expression, she looks so terrified! LOL













Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Months Old!

Tomorrow Jewels is two months old, I can't believe how fast the time is flying! She had her shots last Wednesday, she screamed her head off but made it through, i had to give her Tylenol b/c she developed a fever but she slept for about 18 hrs, of course waking up every couple hours to eat and be changed but she slept tons, poor thing. She now weighs 12lbs and is 23 inches, Mommy's Chubby Bunny (she doesn't like being called that but I like it).

I have been taking lots of pictures but have not had time to upload them b/c we moved into our new house this week on top of both of us working, so I think you can understand why I don't have them up, sorry! More will come soon, and pictures of our house! Better go, Jewels is up...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What A Month!

Wow! I am SO sorry that it has taken me this long to update our site. Jewellee was born June 25th, 2009 at 4:34pm, she was 6lbs 13.7oz and 18 inches long. A little bitty thing! The surgery went fine and my recovery has been fast. I have been enjoying all the joys of motherhood including the many sleepless nights and extreme exhaustion. Bryan has been absolutely fantastic, not that I didn't think he would be any different, but he works all night and comes home and stays up with the baby so I can sleep for a couple of hours, he's SO wonderful and I appreciate everything he does!!

We finall got a house and closed this past week and will be moving in in August, YAY! I finally feel like a grown up. I can't wait to make it our own!

I will post more pictures soon, I'm trying to sneek this in while baby snoozes, I need a nap!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

15 days and counting down....

It's official, the date has been set. June 29th we will be welcoming Jewellee into this crazy world via c-section. With the diagnosis of gestation diabetes and other reasons (medically my body will not allow for the baby to come out any other way in which I will spare you the details) my Dr and I have decided that a c-section would be best for myself and Jewellee. I couldn't be more excited to finally meet her, however am scared out of my mind. I have never had surgery or any major procedure so this is something totally unfamiliar and frightening. I know it will be worth it but I am terrified! I have a lot of support from family and friends. Thank God, my mother is taking 3 weeks off work to help me, we live in a two story home and after I am released from the hospital and get up the two flights of stairs in our home I am not going to be able to go up and down for a while so she is coming to stay with us to help out, in which I am super greatful! SO, as these final weeks pass please keep Jewellee and I in your prayers, it would be very much appreciated!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

35 Weeks and Counting!

Afternoon all! So much as happened the past couple of weeks! I've had two baby showers and at least 5 Dr appointments. Being I have gestational diabetes I have 2 NST's a week on top of a Dr appointment a week and a meeting at the Diabetes Center at the hospital every week. NST's are non stress tests, I get hooked up to two monitors, one to monitor the babies heartbeat and movement and then one to monitor my uterus; just to make sure the baby isn't under any stress. The Dr wants to make sure I don't go into pre-clampsia( I hope I spelled that right, you know what I mean). So far the NST's have been fantastic, the baby moves around and is very active so I never have to do a full 30 minutes, I usually have to do about 10-15 minutes. Last week I had a sonogram to determine how big Jewellee is and so far she is 4.5 lbs, a lot smaller then what the Dr was expecting, which is good. If the baby gets big because of the diabetes then I will have to have a c-section because there will be too much stress on her shoulders to push. I'm excited! I will post pictures of both showers when I get them emailed to me so look forward to the fun! Thank you to everyone once again to came and for all your support! Ta ta for now!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I believe I have hit the nesting period of my pregnancy. I have started putting the babies stuff together and started putting all of her clothes up, I know this is hard to believe and those who know me will laugh at the thought but Jewels already has more clothes then I do! I am a collector of clothes and have more then any one person should need but Jewels wardrobe has well exceed mine! I have taken some pictures so you can really believe what I am saying!
First is the cute UofA onsie I couldn't pass up....Photobucket
Next is the Halloween Costume a "Love Bug"PhotobucketPhotobucket
Now on to the clothes, note how I have folded everything, gaurenteed that after a month it will be a disaster! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
The closet....Photobucket
The Awesome Bouncer (Thank you Andrea) Photobucket
AND the Bassinet..... please excuse the blankies in the bassinet, I have no where to put them yet. Photobucket

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glucose Test

Afternoon all! So here is the update I promised last week. This past Thursday I had my glucose test, just the one hour test this go round. It came back high, the highest allowed is 130 and I came back 157. SO I have to go in this coming Wednesday for the three hour test and honestly I am not looking forward to it, I think more so the sit and wait then anything. I get the pleasure of fasting for 12 hours before hand then going in, they will draw my blood then I will drink the 50gm juice, sit for an hour, draw more blood, drink the 100gm juice, sit for an hour, draw blood, sit for another hour, draw more blood. Maybe I will go buy myself a good book to read that I have wanted or even continue in the Breastfeeding book Mama Pay (Bry's mom, her name is Patti, inside joke) bought me. If it comes back high again I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes so lets pray that it comes back normal. If it does come back high then I will be taking nutritional classes to assist with the rest of my pregnancy, which will be cut short and we would have the possibility of having Jewellee in June (which is not that far away, AHHH!!!) Bry and I are signing up for classes at the hospital (I know, we are procrastinators) at TMC though we plan on delivering at St. Joes. St. Joe's classes are not till June and obviously we would be cutting that one close. I will catch up with everyone after my next appt on Wednesday. Keep me in your prayers! Ta Ta for now (we're going on a date tonight, I better start getting ready). Hugs!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hello all! Wow, it's been awhile, sorry we've been busy. I wanted to share with you the awesome present I bought myself. Being that 99% of our stuff we have not had to buy I thought I would take the pleasure and treat myself. I was visiting my friend Peggy who has a 3 month old son and that is when she introduced me to my new toy, a Fisher Price Papasan Swing. It's amazing! You're asking yourself, "how can a baby swing be so amazing that she would get this excited over it?" My answer to you is, not only does it swing back and forth it swings from side to side and as the child gets bigger it has a tray and the seat adjusts so the child is not laying back but sitting upright. You're thinking now that this thing is awesome right? Well I am not done. Not only does it do the above it has a mobile that is cute as can be and the leaves go up and down as it twirls around AND it has sounds, that's right, sounds, jungle theme, water, outdoors, like one of the sleep machines. Not only that but the seat is a papasan, if you've ever been in an adult size papasan you will understand the level of comfort it produces, I had one in my bachorette days. The one that I bought is exactly as the picture of the model that I took a picture of.


Enough about my awesome new toy, now about me ;) I am now 27 and a half weeks which means Wednesday I will be 28 weeks, yes that is 7 months for those of you who are like Bryan and hate that during gestation we use weeks and the age of a child before 2 yrs we use months. Thursday, the 16th I have my glucose test and let me tell you, I am stoked. My friend Nacole is going with me being she has the day off and it takes several hours, I am only doing the one hour test but the way my dr office is I am always there for at least 3 hours. I will let everyone know how that goes. Everything else seems to be fine except for what Staci calls Sausage Feet, I have the hugest feet, to the point that Bryan, tonight infact, stated "wow your feet are grossly huge." I deffinantly felt loved. My feet are so swollen and tight that it is extrememly uncomfortable to walk, I have been keeping it under control by wearing my ugly crocs but yesterday I decided that I didn't want to look like a doof and wear cute flip flops, bad idea, now I have to spend x amount of time trying to get my feet to go back to their at least half normal size.

We'll be in Benson for Easter and plan on taking plenty of pictures so look forward to those. Ta ta for now and have a Happy Easter everyone!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun on Sunday

Good Afternoon all! Bry and I spent our afternoon at Target doing our baby registry. What a blast! I involved Bry by letting him scan the stuff with the cool gun they give you. It was nice for him to get involved with the process. He kept saying "geez, can't it be simple like it was 50 years ago when they didn't have any of this stuff?" Of course I laughed and told him that it takes more then he realized to care for a baby, I'm not going to lie, there is stuff on there that we could live without but it was still fun to be bale to pick out a bunch of stuff. So now we are registered at Target and Babies R Us, simply for the reason that Babies R Us has stuff Target doesn't and so on.

We still haven't heard word about the house we put an offer on a couple months ago, it was a short sale and ironically enough they take the longest. The real estate agent said it's almost a 100% that we are getting it but we are keeping our options open just in case. Tomorrow we are going to look at more houses as well as the one we put an offer on to make sure it is still what we want, if you've seen the house, you would want it too. I'll take pictures and post them in the next couple of days, keep your fingers crossed!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

25 Weeks and Counting!

I can't believe that I've had a blog for SO long and haven't posted anything, sorry. Just wanted to update everyone, friends and family, near and afar, with what is going on with our little family. Tomorrow I will be 25 weeks, which Bryan would prefer, 6 months and 1 week. He thinks its idiotic to go by weeks, men....what can I say, they just don't understand. Moving on, I had an appointment last Thursday with Dr. Brainard, everything looks great, Jewellee is growing just as she should and the Dr is completely amazed that I have not gained ANY weight. My very first appt she said not to gain any so I guess my body is listening to her :) I don't know why I'm not either I feel like I eat constantly!! Jewellee moves around a lot, Thank God she sleeps at night when I do, thus far, but it truly is the most amazing feeling ever.

Bryan and I have inherited tons of stuff from family and friends, thank you to everyone!! This past year I have had a friend have a baby almost every single month and all but two have been girls so a lot of the stuff I am getting is stuff that my girlfriends got and didn't get to use. I have everything but a stroller (for the big stuff) and TONS of clothes. I mean, I have a bouncer, pack n play, swing, dresser, bassinet, crib, changing table, walker, mobile(s), car seat(s), diaper genie, I mean I have a lot and I am ever so thankful for everything! Every chance I get I buy diapers, I finally have talked Bryan out of cloth diapers with the argument that I am going to be the one to get up in the middle of the night to change the diaper and am NOT going to have to wash it out half asleep, no way jose - case closed, I win.

Enough for now, I must get my beauty sleep, my next appt is in three weeks, I will be doing the glucose test and I am ever so excited!! Ta ta for now!