Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glucose Test

Afternoon all! So here is the update I promised last week. This past Thursday I had my glucose test, just the one hour test this go round. It came back high, the highest allowed is 130 and I came back 157. SO I have to go in this coming Wednesday for the three hour test and honestly I am not looking forward to it, I think more so the sit and wait then anything. I get the pleasure of fasting for 12 hours before hand then going in, they will draw my blood then I will drink the 50gm juice, sit for an hour, draw more blood, drink the 100gm juice, sit for an hour, draw blood, sit for another hour, draw more blood. Maybe I will go buy myself a good book to read that I have wanted or even continue in the Breastfeeding book Mama Pay (Bry's mom, her name is Patti, inside joke) bought me. If it comes back high again I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes so lets pray that it comes back normal. If it does come back high then I will be taking nutritional classes to assist with the rest of my pregnancy, which will be cut short and we would have the possibility of having Jewellee in June (which is not that far away, AHHH!!!) Bry and I are signing up for classes at the hospital (I know, we are procrastinators) at TMC though we plan on delivering at St. Joes. St. Joe's classes are not till June and obviously we would be cutting that one close. I will catch up with everyone after my next appt on Wednesday. Keep me in your prayers! Ta Ta for now (we're going on a date tonight, I better start getting ready). Hugs!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hello all! Wow, it's been awhile, sorry we've been busy. I wanted to share with you the awesome present I bought myself. Being that 99% of our stuff we have not had to buy I thought I would take the pleasure and treat myself. I was visiting my friend Peggy who has a 3 month old son and that is when she introduced me to my new toy, a Fisher Price Papasan Swing. It's amazing! You're asking yourself, "how can a baby swing be so amazing that she would get this excited over it?" My answer to you is, not only does it swing back and forth it swings from side to side and as the child gets bigger it has a tray and the seat adjusts so the child is not laying back but sitting upright. You're thinking now that this thing is awesome right? Well I am not done. Not only does it do the above it has a mobile that is cute as can be and the leaves go up and down as it twirls around AND it has sounds, that's right, sounds, jungle theme, water, outdoors, like one of the sleep machines. Not only that but the seat is a papasan, if you've ever been in an adult size papasan you will understand the level of comfort it produces, I had one in my bachorette days. The one that I bought is exactly as the picture of the model that I took a picture of.


Enough about my awesome new toy, now about me ;) I am now 27 and a half weeks which means Wednesday I will be 28 weeks, yes that is 7 months for those of you who are like Bryan and hate that during gestation we use weeks and the age of a child before 2 yrs we use months. Thursday, the 16th I have my glucose test and let me tell you, I am stoked. My friend Nacole is going with me being she has the day off and it takes several hours, I am only doing the one hour test but the way my dr office is I am always there for at least 3 hours. I will let everyone know how that goes. Everything else seems to be fine except for what Staci calls Sausage Feet, I have the hugest feet, to the point that Bryan, tonight infact, stated "wow your feet are grossly huge." I deffinantly felt loved. My feet are so swollen and tight that it is extrememly uncomfortable to walk, I have been keeping it under control by wearing my ugly crocs but yesterday I decided that I didn't want to look like a doof and wear cute flip flops, bad idea, now I have to spend x amount of time trying to get my feet to go back to their at least half normal size.

We'll be in Benson for Easter and plan on taking plenty of pictures so look forward to those. Ta ta for now and have a Happy Easter everyone!!