Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My MisAdventures as a Housewife

That is what I should change my blog name to, My MisAdventures as a Housewife. I am new to being a housewife, well I like to still think I that I am new to it, I've been home with our daughter since May and I still can not get a routine down, my house is always a mess and sometimes I'm not organized enough to make dinner! My poor husband, works all day and all he wants to do is come home to a decently cleaned home and dinner and I can't do it. WHAT IS WRONG?!?! I wish there was a manual for stuff like this, is it supposed to come natural to me as a woman? I thought it would but no, its not.

On the other hand, I have recently obsessed with The Pioneer Woman, I am completely fascinated with how Ree Drummond can cook, home school, do photography, write, blog, CLEAN all while taking care of a huge home and lodge. How does she do it? Please tell me she has help. She is my inspiration. What an amazing writer and woman. I will someday be as awesome as she!

tata for now!