Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I know New Years Resolutions are supposed to be officially declared on New Years Day but I don't want to wait :) This year I am going to make resolutions that are attainable and stick to them. 1) I will focus on my relationship with God. 2)I will focus on strengthening my marriage, not that its bad but it could use some attention. 3)I will focus on myself - I want to be healthy, I want to "take care" of myself better, and I want to become a better mom and wife by taking care of ME. 4)I will strengthen friendships. 5)I will pay off debt. 6) I will save more money. 7) I will become more active in my community and in the church. 8) I will de-clutter my home. 9) I will organize my life - financially, my kitchen cabinets, my pantry, my craft room, my bedroom, etc. 10) I will give my family the life we deserve :) As I wrote these resolutions I started by writing I WANT instead of I WILL. Using the word want is like standing from afar and trying to reach for something that may never be able to be reached, using the word will is like saying I am already standing in front of it and can't wait to pounce! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Every year I have huge plans for Christmas, baking, gift wrapping, light seeing, Santa visits, shopping, parities, and a Birthday cake for Jesus to have on Christmas night. However, I never estimate how exhausting the holidays are. Did I get done what I wanted to? Of course...........not. I did plenty of shopping, gift wrapping, and a few light seeing outings but not as nearly as much as I would've liked. I drank plenty of coffee, energy drinks, and slept a lot, what is the deal?!? I need to organize better or something, wait, me, organize HAHAHA I actually laughed out loud. No, but seriously, it is my dream to be organized. I'd like my house, my finances, and my paperwork all organized. Who would like to come help? I'll bake you something :) Next year, I promise myself to be more organized and schedule activities and maybe we'll actually do them.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Two Posts....

Two posts ago I was saying "shame on me" for not posting and look at me now, not being faithful to posting. I recently have had an inspiration from a mom, blogger, photographer, friend, and sweetheart that I wish I could be more like. She in my eyes is super mom, full of energy and spunk, I simply adore her. She told me "just tell it like it is." So here I am deciding that I am going to try, try harder to tell our story and use this blog as a scrap book for my family and friends. Tonight starts my fourth to last class of my Bachelors degree in Business Management, yes, a BSBM LOL laugh about it now but I am thrilled to be finally done. Everyone is asking, will you get your masters? My answer - it took me 7 years (in May of 2013) to finish my Bachelors, why would I go back for more? But I just might, we'll see, I'd first like to get a job that I love, something that I enjoy. I've always wanted to be my own boss and in a lot of aspects, I am. I am also a slave to "the man" - I have to have insurance so I have to have to work for a corporation in order to get insurance. I wish healthcare wasn't so expensive. One day I will make enough money to not have to work for health insurance, I will be able to pay for all our needs. I am making a "try" to myself to write more because those who know me knows I have a lot to say........