Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Months Old!

Tomorrow Jewels is two months old, I can't believe how fast the time is flying! She had her shots last Wednesday, she screamed her head off but made it through, i had to give her Tylenol b/c she developed a fever but she slept for about 18 hrs, of course waking up every couple hours to eat and be changed but she slept tons, poor thing. She now weighs 12lbs and is 23 inches, Mommy's Chubby Bunny (she doesn't like being called that but I like it).

I have been taking lots of pictures but have not had time to upload them b/c we moved into our new house this week on top of both of us working, so I think you can understand why I don't have them up, sorry! More will come soon, and pictures of our house! Better go, Jewels is up...